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While appearing easy to the uninformed, ultrasound requires both advanced knowledge and a highly refined skill set. Here you will find a wide variety of online CME courses that deal with all aspects of ultrasound, organized into multiple sections to allow you to easily find what you need.

Ultrasound Introduction Courses

This section focuses on basic ultrasound principles and techniques, ultrasound anatomy, and venous hemodynamics, including normal flow patterns and those of obstruction and reflux.   

Advanced Ultrasound Courses

Need to know how to adjust you duplex scanner to optimize the image, differentiate the great saphenous vein from an accessory saphenous vein, or learn the nuances of imaging perforating veins?  You can find it here. 

Interpretation Courses

These topics cover how to interpret ultrasound data as well as utilize that information in a clinical setting. 

Physics and Hemodynamics Courses

A basic understanding of ultrasound physics is fundamental if a sonographer is to recognize the advantages as well as the potential pitfalls of the data.  For example, if not recognized, artifacts can mimic disease of if improperly obtained, the image can fail to demonstrate disease that is present.  Additionally, one can not fully appreciate a duplex image without an understanding of the hemodynamics involved in blood flow.       

Consultant Services - Ultrasound Training

Virtual Vein Center is pleased to offer customized training to meet your specific needs and includes combined didactic lecture, scanning demonstration and hands-on instructional time.